Book Chapters

Li, N., Zhang, M., Yildiz, Y., Kolmanovsky, I., Girard, A., “Game Theory-Based Traffic Modeling for Calibration of Automated Driving Algorithms,” in Control Strategies for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Autonomous Driving Functionspp. 89-105, Eds. Waschl, H., Kolmanovsky, I., and Willems, F., Springer International Publishing AG, 2019. 

Erbatur, K., Yildiz, Y., Sabanovic, A., “Sliding Modes in Fuzzy and Neural Network Systems,” in Variable Structure Systems: from principles to implementationpp.245 –264, Eds. Sabanovic, A., Fridman, L. M., and Spurgeon, S., The Institution of Electrical Engineers, 2004. 

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