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We specialize in the modeling and control of cyber-physical human systems, where the human, the physical system, and enabling cyber-technologies are interconnected through multifarious interactions to accomplish a certain goal. Our lab is highly interdisciplinary, drawing ideas from control theory, physics, mathematics, game theory, machine learning, and statistics. Our engineering applications cover aerospace, automotive and robotics fields. Click here to reach the introduction article written by Yildiray Yildiz for the “Cyber-Physical Human Systems” special issue of IEEE Control Systems journal.

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In Systems Lab, we are developing theories and algorithms to understand and build complex intelligent systems. If you want to study and contribute to the fields of autonomy, human behavior, adaptation, and interaction between natural and artificial intelligence, come and be a part of us. If you always feel like a beginner, like to think out of the box, and don’t like conventional approaches to problems, you are welcome here. Just send a short email to Yildiray Yildiz ( and tell us why you want to be a part of us. Undergraduates, graduates, and students from all departments and all universities are welcome. (Please attach a CV to your email.)


We have managed to obtain a dramatic performance improvement for classical neural network adaptive controllers with the help of long short-term memory networks (LSTMs). We will present this work at 2023 American Control Conference in San Diego. Click here for the full paper.  

23 January 2023

Our recent research study on attention-enabled memory structures for adaptive controllers appeared in IEEE Control Systems Letters.
Click here to reach the paper.

19 December 2022

The second part of our adaptive control allocation work, the outer loop controller, is accepted for publication at International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control. First part, the control allocator, already appeared at Automatica. Full article containing both parts can be found here:

12 October 2022

Two papers from Systems Lab are accepted for presentation at 2022 IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC)

1) Habboush, A., Yildiz, Y., “An Adaptive Pilot Model with Explicit Reaction Time-Delay for Adaptively Controlled Systems,” IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, 2022.

2) Yaldız, C. O., Yildiz, Y., “Game Theoretical Driver Modeling Using an Infinite Policy Space,” IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, 2022.

30 July 2022

Yıldıray Yıldız presented a recent work with
Abdullah Habboush on developing adaptive pilot models for adaptively controlled systems at American Control Conference #ACC2022.

With this model, we hope to help adaptive control designers by providing a pilot model that has similar adaptation capabilties of a real human pilot. This work also appeared in IEEE Control Systems Letters. Here is the link:

(Photo credit Tansel Yucelen)

18June 2022

We developed two human pilot models for use in flight control system development. One will appear at IEEE Trans Ctrl Sys Tech (with experiments) and the other is already published at IEEE Ctrl Sys Letters. Here are the links:

3 March 2022

When we are not doing research, we prepare math questions 🙂 Our new lab member Seymanur Al’s math problem is published at Crux Mathematicorum (CRUX), which is an internationally respected source of unique and challenging mathematical problems published by the Canadian Mathematical Society. CRUX is “the best problem solving journal in the world”! If you are up to the challenge, you can reach the problem here. (problem 4641)

28 November 2021